Seeking Deaf Actors, ASL Interpreter, Background Artists and DASL for Bay Area Film

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Heartfelt feature film planned for production in August 2024 in the North Bay Area. The indie is a romantic comedy between a man and a woman, with dramatic courtroom elements involving a human rights issue for a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Seeking a deaf male actor (40s-50s, any race) who plays a supporting role in the film (has about 7 scenes). This character is intelligent, observant, humorous at times and emotionally sincere. We also invite a male ASL interpreter to be in the film and on set; and a deaf actress 40s-50s for a day-player role of a lively deaf cafe owner. Deaf background artists portraying patrons and staff at a deaf cafe are also welcome; in addition to a DASL for the film. 

Our film will be an equally meaningful, witty, entertaining, and poignant film with social justice themes. The acting in this film is natural, subtle, and realistic; but keep in mind this is also a witty film. Our wonderful award-winning cinematographer is Lisa Stoll.

Please only submit if you are local or can stay in the Bay Area. Diversity, inclusion and a crew powered by women (to promote gender equity in the industry) are also important aspects of this film. Our prior local diverse film received positive reviews, local and national press and is on a top streaming platform. Our Bay Area female filmmaker has a track record and featured in numerous media outlets, including one of the Inspirational Women in Hollywood from a notable magazine.

We are crowdfunding for this indie film, and also welcome those who are willing to volunteer with gas expenses paid and sharing in our crowdfunding proceeds. Due to the social value of our film, we are sponsored by a reputable nonprofit organization. IMDb credit will be provided for those that work in good faith with our film.

Please fill out the application via this link:

Kindly list in the appropriate section what role you are applying for. Our director learned basic American Sign Language from a deaf teacher, and has always wanted to authentically feature the deaf community in her films.

We look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

To apply for this job please visit